Suzuki Swift R4LLY S

Rally 2 Kit Concept

The Rally 2 Kit category (formerly R4) was created as a bridge between the two-wheel drive FIA vehicles Rally 4 and Rally 3 (formerly R2, R3) and the four-wheel drive Rally 2 (formerly R5). Built around a universal kit consisting of a 1.6L turbo engine with 263hp and 39mkg of torque, a 5-speed sequential gearbox and rear differential of Rally 2 (R5) and an integral transmission, it allows any standard car to be converted into a real rally vehicle.

The Rally 2 Kit is FIA approved, which allows it to participate in WRC and ERC events or in regional events that adhere to FIA regulations. Due to their design, they are intended to be a step lower than Rally 2 (R5), being estimated to be 1 second per kilometre slower than Rally 2 (R5), in return they offer a lower purchase and maintenance cost.

In the catalog section are available the corresponding to all the spare parts and options of the Suzuki Swift R4lly.

Technical Philosophy Rally 2 Kit

Rally 2 Kit




Intake and exhaust manifold, throttle body, turbo, ECU, wiring, starter motor, power steering pump, flywheel, clutch.


Transmission shafts (longitudinal and transverse), gearbox, rear differential.

Front axle

Subchassis and suspension triangles, full hoses and bushings, steering rack, steering braces.

Rear axle

Sub-frames and suspension triangles, full hoses and bushings.

Brake System

Brake calipers, brake discs.

Fuel system

Fuel tank with internal pumps.


Suspension struts to be welded to the chassis.


All assembly drawings and 3D files on request. Design guides for bodywork, roll bar and electrical installation. Assembly and maintenance manual.