After the FIA approved the regulations for the Rally5-kit category in October, the homologation of the first car in the category, the Suzuki Swift Rally5-kit, has now been approved.

The FIA published an update to Art 260b of Appendix J, including the Suzuki Swift. It will be the first rally car homologated with the new regulations, and therefore the first to be homologated through a National Federation(ASN), in this case the RFEDA, and with a private company as applicant and promoter: Rallycar.

The RFEDA has been the Federation that has promoted the creation of this category to encourage the entry of new vehicles into the basic categories of rallying. From that point, the technical department in coordination with the FIA has done a lot of hard work to create a homologation form for this type of car. Once again, the RFEDA shows itself to be one of the most active Federations with a technical and innovative capacity at the highest level.

The project was born when Suzuki Motor Ibérica was the reference brand in Spanish rallying. But, shortly after it had to stop its activities in motorsport. Rallycar decided to go ahead with the idea and, through its technical section: R- Technology, has carried out the work of transformation, development and homologation of the Suzuki Swift Sport.
The result is now a reality and the drivers will have a new possibility to participate with contained costs and a car with excellent performance in its category.

Suzuki Swift Rally5-Kit
FIA Rally5-Kit / FWD / 1030kg / 170hp / Sequential gearbox

We are a company certified by the Royal Spanish Automobile Federation for the construction and homologation of the Suzuki Swift Rally5-kit, new category homologated by the FIA for 2024.

Do not hesitate to contact us, to ask for information about the kits for Suzuki Swift Sport.

You can call us at +34 981 784 955 or send us an email to info@r-technology.es

El Kit Rally5-kit




Suzuki Boosterjet K14D engine, 1373 cm3, managed by a Motec ECU, electrical installation and specific lightened flywheel. Power: 170 hp @ 5500 rpm, Torque: 300 Nm @3500 rpm.


2WD, with 5-speed sequential 3MO gearbox, specific axle shafts and ceramic single-disc clutch with reinforced hub.


Suspension with one-way adjustable shock absorbers, wishbones and rear axle with uniball ball joints.

Brake system

Original brake discs and calipers, hydraulic handbrake and main pump without servo. Complete installation of metal hoses.


Welded safety cage with specific seat bases and trestle supports. Total weight 1030 kg.


Data acquisition system, multifunction display on dashboard, digital gear indicator. Central console managed by Powerbox. Competition electrical installation with military specification connectors and wiring.