One of R-Technology’s goals will be to provide Suzuki racing vehicle users with high quality customer service. You can be sure that spare parts will be available anytime and anywhere you need them.

Other services will be offered jointly, such as rebuilding or overhauling engines, gearboxes or shock absorbers; technical support on site or remotely; ideal configuration for different rallies, etc. Likewise, R-Technology can also offer its own engineers and experienced mechanics for any rally.

R-Technology will provide the highest level of service to its customers.

In addition to working with the Suzuki team, many other customers can benefit from the performance of the Suzuki Swift R4LLY S, which will become the benchmark for Rally 2 Kit vehicles. Reliability, durability and speed will be the hallmarks of the new Swift R4LLY S.

Likewise its predecessor, the Suzuki Swift Sport R+ has been the most successful vehicle in the N5 Category at the sports level, well ahead of other models of other brands.